Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

Welcome to the 2022 Virtual Wine Waffle! A waffle is much like a raffle, but instead of buying raffle tickets, you purchase 1 or more numbered spots that will later be randomly assigned to a donated bottle of wine. Once all of the numbers are spoken for, a random number generator assigns a bottle of wine to each number and that’s the bottle(s) of wine you get to take home and enjoy. So get your lucky numbers ready and pick your spots!

There will be 2 separate Virtual Wine Waffles, one for red wine lovers and one for white wine lovers. You can participate in both and buy as many spots in each as you would like until all available spots are purchased.

Wine can be picked up at your campus on Friday, March 18th at 3:30PM.

Here are the Wines You Could Win

Red Wine Lovers Waffle

White Wine Lovers Waffle

Red wines are valued at $20-$30 per bottle, with most > $25.
Each waffle spot will cost $25.

White wines are valued at $18-$28 per bottle, with most closer to $20.
Each Waffle spot will cost $20.